Our Program




The vCOP Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the program, developing guidelines, regulations, curriculum and all official interactions with other Town departments and services. The vCOP Director is directly responsible to the Town Council.



Patrollers are customer service oriented “ambassadors” to the residents and visitors and should be up to date on the Town services, be able to answer questions and provide directions. They will treat others with respect; remain positive and polite at all times, with a view to offering a helping hand within the established guidelines of the program.

Shifts will consist of at least two members on duty and be in increments of two hours or more.

Report to dispatch via portable radio that you are beginning your shift and ensure that you are in communication with dispatch on an as-needed basis, and report to Dispatch at the end of the shift.

Patrol the Town, following all rules of the road, and include a patrol of parks and municipal buildings.

Maintain a concise log of your activities and interactions.

Advise dispatch of any incidents and request the appropriate resources, which can include, Urgences-Santé, the Police, the Fire Department, Public Works, a tow truck, Hydro-Quebec, the Rescue Squad, etc.

Avoid following or interfering with Urgences-Santé, Fire, or Police operations, unless specifically requested.

Take appropriate care of the equipment and vehicle and report any malfunctions, damage, etc.

Obey instructions or orders and follow the chain of command.

Respect the confidentiality of all information and not make statements to the press. All media inquiries should be referred to City Hall.

Complete tasks assigned by the vCOP Director, Urgences-Santé, Fire Department or Police officer.



Training Program

All members must complete a basic training program. Additional training will be offered at the monthly meetings as needed or requested by the vCOPs. These training sessions might include topics such as:


Rules of the Patrol, roles and responsibilities (basic training)

Radio and dispatch procedures (basic training)

First aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED)

Observation techniques

Efficient report writing

Directing traffic

Scene safety

Computer use to access the patrol calendar


New members will be scheduled with experienced patrol members to gain experience.

Trainee Rookies: Volunteers receive training by accompanying the vCOP Trainer for a minimum of one patrol. A couple of additional patrols are scheduled with a vCOP Director and a seasoned volunteer patroller.